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05 November 2005

More about I like...

Please do not judge me by my music :)
I am an equal opportunity listener....
Disclaimer: these are not in any order, just as they pop to mind (as I think of them, I'll add them!):
  1. Toby Keith
  2. Dixie Chicks
  3. Gorillaz
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. They Might Be Giants
  6. Dancehall Crashers
  7. Yusef Islam (fka Cat Stevens)
  8. Aerosmith
  9. Guns N Roses
  10. AC/DC
  11. Def Lepard
  12. Warrant
  13. Eagles
  14. Eric Clapton
  15. Elvis (who doesn't love
  16. The Cure
  17. Metallica
  18. Mary Chapin Carpenter
  19. Sheryl Crow
  20. Some less lewd Eminem
  21. Laurie Berkner (if you have kids you should like her too)
  22. Billy Joel
  23. Elton John
  24. Celine Dion
  25. Green Day
  26. Blink 182
  27. Jane's Addiction
  28. Talking Heads
  29. Johnny Cash
  30. Queen
  31. Pearl Jam
  32. Bare Naked Ladies
  33. Black Eyed Peas
  34. Sean Paul
  35. Nickelback
  36. Madonna
  37. The Killers
  38. NIN (Nine Inch Nails aka Trent Reznor)
  39. Weezer
  40. Depeche Mode
  41. Good Charlotte
  42. Gwen Stefani
  43. No Doubt
  44. Depeche Mode
  45. Good Charlotte
  46. Veggie Tales...don't laugh
  47. Elvis Costello
  48. Dead Milkmen
  49. Madonna
  50. Cher
  51. Tina Turner
  52. Neil Diamond...yes
  53. Seether
  54. Nirvana
  55. Coldplay
  56. Black Sabath
  57. The Doors
  58. Nickelback
  59. Santana

06 July 2005


Are you wondering what I may be interested in? What to get a gal who seems to have everything? Well, you are in luck, because I don't have here you go, dahlinks...

1. Swift (don't rightly care what kind, I just know that the ball winder without the swift doesn't make much sense) bought it for myself in October!
2. Orangina and One Skein Wonder Patterns from Glampyre
3. Opal Sock Yarn, there isn't a place where I live to get it!
4. Stitch Markers, Stitch Markers and more Stitch Markers (I have started a collection, I have)
5. Information on Spinning and Dying! Spinning info Courtesy of Mamma Snooze
6. Please make the time go faster until Rhinebeck (oh and remind me to keep the money that I have thus far saved, saved)
7. I would absolutely love all of the seasons of The Gilmore Girls on DVD (this is actually coveting the mother/daughter relationship I was robbed of)
8. Speaking of mother/daughter relationships, I am looking for an adoptable mom (please do remember I come with 5 ready made grandchildren) Thanks again to Mamma Snooze
9. I am looking for some sort of yarn that is a blend (not too much wool) for an aran sweater for my dad (not too expensive, do you know of any that are nice to knit with and will somehow hold its shape and my dad won't ruin?) Just looking for a name, but depending on price, you may see this revisited.
10. Gift Certificate to Knit Picks or Knit Pixie, or for my birthday! It's the big 3-0 this year...uggh
11. HTML for Dummies, gotta learn how to do this stuff. :)

Well I don't want to seem toooooo greedy so that would be it for now. I am open for suggestions and trades... let me know!

Edited to Note: Thank you Anne (Other Annie) for the great trade for OSW

27 June 2005

100 Things about me

1. I am easily irritated by stupidity...Not ignorance, because sometimes those things can't be helped...but pure and simple stupidity.
2. I am sensitive.
3. I never wanted children...geesh...What happened.
4. I never wanted to get married.
5. I have been homeless.
6. I have lived in a shelter.
7. I have lived in a group home.
8. I am addicted to knitting.
9. I am hurt when I am not appreciated.
10. I am a good person.
11. People either love me or hate me...And I am okay with that.
12. My very best friend in the world lives in Aspen, CO. I have yet to visit her there.
13. My best friend is a Soux Chef (sp?)
14. She introduced me to Manic Panic (the hair dye)
15. My hair has been the following colors, brown, blue, blonde, Lucille Ball red, hot pink, maroon, purple, and bad dye job orange.
16. I love candy. Dark chocolate is a fav.
17. I hate White chocolate.
18. I love nuts.
19. My favorite chain restaurant is Olive Garden.
20. My second favorite chain restaurant is Romano's Macaroni Grille.
21. I love good food.
22. I do not eat Pork.
23. I had my first child when I was 19.
24. I had my last child when I was 29.
25. I want to adopt children, when mine are older.
26. I want to make a difference...Perhaps through politics.
27. I hate the town I live in.
28. I love the "Scissorina's" I have met from moving to this town.
29. I am a perfectionist.
30. I am a slob.
31. ...Okay more of a packrat.
32. I love books.
33. I love to read a book and watch the movie after.
34. I would really like to read any Virginia Wolff book.
35. If you are my friend, I would do anything for you.
36. I am extremely loyal.
37. I am too honest...Don't ask me a question if you don't want my answer.
38. I am sometimes too brash.
39. I would have liked to have a relationship with my mother.
40. I fear that mental illness runs in my family.
41. I am actually paranoid about 40.
42. I would like more patience.
43. I would like to stop inserting my foot into my mouth.
44. I would like to get along with my husband's son.
45. I would like to be a better person.
46. I would like to raise awareness for Project Return.
47. I hate chicken livers.
48. I love my stepmom...She is actually more of a mom to me.
49. I love my dad's girlfriend...She is always nice and treats my kids like she treats her own grandchildren.
50. I can be mean spirited.
51. I have high expectations.
52. I hate when people whine about things everyone has to do.
53. I hate when strangers come up to me somewhere when I have my children and say "They're not all yours, are they?"
54. I hate when I have one child with me and someone tries to tell me I am doing something wrong.
55. I love the look on their face when I promptly inform them that I have 5 children and they all seem to be doing fine.
56. I feel badly, that I wasn't too nice to my dad's girlfriend when they first started dating. (It goes back to the loyalty thing)
57. I am an impulse buyer.
58. I spend way too much money.
59. I used to spend money on stupid things, now mostly fiber related things.
60. If I know one of my friends like something, I will always keep it in mind, and when I find it, I buy it for them. (Like candy or Hello Kitty, etc.)
61. I have a really funny story on how I met my hubby.
62. My oldest daughter is from another relationship...No, I didn't marry him.
63. Hubby and I didn't get married until I was prego with 3rd child.
64. I don't think it is good to get married because you are pregnant...People will talk about you anyways...Probably more so.
65. I have been eating way too much.
66. I am fatter than I have ever been.
67. I used to be in a size 2.
68. I am now in a size 10.
69. I have a home gym that I never use.
70. I order desert almost everytime we go out to dinner.
71. I listen to country music.
72. I listen to punk music.
73. I love anything 80's except for those hideous Cosby Sweaters (you know the ones from the Cosby Show)
74. I could watch All in The Family all day.
75. I listen to classical music.
76. I listen to Classic Rock.
77. I listen to Heavy Metal and Alternative Rock.
78. I listen to some Rap.
79. I love the Dance Hall Crashers.
80. Britney Spears makes me sick.
81. Paris Hilton makes me want to vomit.
82. I try to watch Gilmore Girls everyday on the Family Channel.
83. I love my sisters. Except for the white trash one, she knows who she is.
84. There is nothing I hate more than "White Trash"
85. I love thunderstorms.
86. I love the rain.
87. My favorite smell is the ocean.
88. I would love to learn stranded knitting.
89. I would like to learn continental style knitting.
90. I will never knit another baby blanket again....BORING!
91. I love all colors, except fluorescent.
92. I love my children.
93. I love handmade socks.
94. I want a Mustang... a new convertible mustang...Perhaps a cobra.
95. My new house has had more problems than anything I have ever seen.
96. I love entertaining.
97. I am not good at entertaining, unless you are a help yourself type of person.
98. I was an ugly nerd in school.
99. I did not have friends over my house, because I was afraid my mom would be nasty.
100. I don't have any friends from before High School.

maybe someday I will add to this list.

01 January 2005

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